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Dr. Peter Somerville talks Soils (28 August 2021)

The Red Hill Gardening Society was delighted to hear from Dr. Peter Somerville about his work and research on soils.

His research explores methods that may be able to convert hostile urban soils into places that trees can grow successfully by utilising organic waste products, highlighting the importance of soil types and species selection when considering what type of soil remediation could be undertaken to improve tree growth.

Quantifying the benefits of different types of soil interventions on distinct soil textures with different moisture availability will helps select appropriate methods to improve soils.

Peter helped Joe Siriani with his soils at Severia at Red Hill South, and Joe provides an introduction.

Helen Botham – LaTrobe’s Cottage Garden (25 June 2021)

Helen Botham gave a very detailed presentation with lots of historical information and lovely images of the history of LaTrobe in Melbourne, the establishment of his family home and garden, details of the plantings he made there, and the work of the group of friends that supports the house and garden, now relocated to the RBG Melbourne.

Helen asked that this video not be made public, so if you would like to see this video, please email and I will be happy to send you a link to the video.

Lisa Ellis – Some of My Favourite Plants

Lisa Ellis leads Lisa Ellis Gardens, an award winning firm providing garden and landscape designs in the Melbourne region. Lisa is a font of knowledge about plants that thrive in our region, and here provides details of some of her favourites. While many of these plants are popular favourites, many are relatively unknown to gardeners, and well worth a look. Lisa’s excellent presentation, and lovely photographs, are a pleasure to see.

RHGS visit to Cruden Farm 19 April 2021

On Monday, 19 April, 2021, members were invited to visit Cruden Farm, the home and garden of Dame Elizabeth Murdoch. As you will see in these photos, it was a beautiful day, and very much enjoyed by members.

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2020 AGM Speaker – Julie Prent on International Bucketlist Gardens

Julie Prent provided a delightful tour of International Bucket List Gardens.
The presentation features a wealth of European and English garden images and commentary, as well as some gardens in Asia. Thanks to Julie for her enlightening armchair gardens tour.

(Please be aware that this is a zoom meeting recording, and the audio quality is typical of that environment.)

Floral Art Demonstration on Zoom by Deb Collett – 24 July 2020

Deb Collett provided a wonderful Floral Art Demonstration via Zoom, our first Zoom Event, on 24 July 2020, here is an excerpt from that presentation.

2019 Autumn Flower Show, Red Hill, 26 April 2019

2019 Autumn Flower Show

Photos from 2019 Autumn Flower Show by Michael Hund

Green Olive Rendezvous, Main Ridge, 5 April 2019

Green Olive Rendezvous

Photos from Green Olive Rendezvous by Michael Hund

Peninsula Wrought Iron Rendezvous, Tyabb, 8 February 2019

Peninsula Wrought Iron Rendezvous

Photos from Peninsula Wrought Iron Rendezvous by Michael Hund

Floriganza 16 – Karrawingi Park, Moorooduc, November 2016

(Photography by Lana M.)

Floriganza 16

Photos from Floriganza 2016

Floral Arrangement Workshop, April 2015

Floral Arrangement Workshop, April 2016

Photos from Floral Arrangement Workshop, April 2016