Fire Safety Key Messages

Our local CFA’s from Red Hill, Dromana and Main Ridge delivered some key messages at an informative community exercise where the Society was represented:

  • Major fires have occured in our area: early 1970s Arthur’s Seat, Main Ridge and Red Hill; 1997 Arthur’s Seat base; 2008 Dromana.
  • Survival is our personal responsibility. Radiant heat is the biggest killer. Don’t get caught in the open.
  • Understand fire behaviour, control the amount of fuel on your property, know the risk rating.
  • A combination of factors increases risk, high temperature, humidity less than 15%, wind and dry fuel (bark, grass, small branches).
  • A northerly wind will carry a fire uphill quickly and could for example reach the top of Arthur’s Seat from Dromana in 5mins and Sea Winds gardens in 7 mins (20 mins at the most).
  • Most fires start in the afternoon when the air is driest and the biggest risk is presented by a late gusty wind change which quickly will change the path of the fire.
  • Identify ember traps around the house and yard and clean them regularly. Embers can travel ahead of the fire by kilometers.
  • Remove vegetation, hanging baskets, woodpiles and mulch close to houses and windows.
  • Road accident risk is high with tourist traffic and the inability to see through smoke, so leave early.
  • Fire trucks are 3 m wide, 3 m high and 7.1 m long and need this space to access properties, leave gates unlocked.
  • Road closures will occur. Carry ID with address or rates notice in order to be allowed to return to home. Don’t argue with the police.
  • Listen to ABC 774 Radio and monitor the Vic Emergency App for updates.
  • Places of last resort: Red Hill Recreation Reserve, Dromana Recreation Reserve, McCrae Plaza Car Park, Mt Martha Shopping Centre carpark, Balnarring Shopping Centre carpark.
  • If arson is suspected call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.