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Exhibitor Tips:

Please note: If in doubt about any aspect of the Daffodil Show entry, please email:   RHGS Daffodil Show


  • Read the Schedule carefully and fully.
  • Acquaint yourself with what might be possible from your garden.
  • Check what can exhibited from your own garden versus purchased exhibit ingredients (That is, Floral Art only).
  • Allow sufficient time to stage your exhibit, with primary preparation at home.


  • Clean containers, plants, leaf, water.
  • Undamaged.
  • Prime condition.
  • “Face the judge”.
  • Arrange simply or attractively.

Cut Flowers

  • Daffs: use of green RHGS bottles permitted, no wiring or support permitted, stems in water.
  • Orchid Spikes: strong, straight and no flowers missing. Brightly fresh blooms.

Container Grown Plants - Flowering

    Daffs & Orchids

  • Any variety.
  • Well spaced in the container.
  • More flowers open than in bud, clean pots, single pot, saucer permitted, healthy and clean foliage.
  • Neither the container nor surface covering materials are not to dominate.
  • Orchids: minimal staking.

Fruit and Vegetables

  • Unblemished.
  • Comply with required number of items as per the manual.
  • Uniform items.
  • Stems attached (fruit).
  • Exhibited on a plate.

Floral Art

  • Can use purchased material.
  • Horticultural material must dominate.
  • “Face the judge”.
  • No size requirement, but if larger than 70cm square please advise when entering.
  • Must be in water or will retain condition for the time of the Show.
  • Creativity, balanced in structure and colour.
  • Exhibits will available in a range: open, a specific design type, interpretive.


An example of a dining table arrangement:

dining table arrangement


daffodils1 daffodils2





Entry Form:

daffodil show entry form 2017

Documents Download:

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