RHGS Site Map

Here's a quick and helpful way to navigate around the Red Hill Gardening Society's website. Just click on the links below to go straight to the pages or documents listed.

• Welcome to the Red Hill Gardening Society
  The RHGS home page.

• RHGS Membership Information
  Download our Member Application Form here.
  Online membership fees payment facility is coming soon.

• RHGS Events Calendar
  Keep up to date with the Society's meeting dates and other events for the coming months.

• RHGS Monthly Notes
  Monthly reminder notes for our members.

• RHGS Newsletters
  Periodical newsletters, current and past, from the society.

• RHGS Members' Tips and Ideas
  A scrap book of ideas and tips from members to benefit home garden horticulture.

• Contact the RHGS
  Contact the RHGS Committee via email.

• Useful Links
  Handy links to interesting gardening and environment related websites.

• Photo Gallery
  Pictures of past events.

• RHGS Privacy Policy
  The RHGS privacy policy statement.

• Spring Garden Festival
  Details of the RHGS Spring Garden Festival to be held in September.

• Spring Spring Flower Show
  Details of the RHGS Spring Flower Show to be held in conjunction with the Spring Garden Festival in September.